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    The design of your dreams, for a price you can afford
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    Turn your house into a home.
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    Build your dream bathroom.
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    Everything we do is built to last.
Welcome to Pyramid Group NYC
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Construction Company NYC - SR

We offer several services for home construction in NYC. A lot of older industrial neighborhoods are now becoming residential hotspots. We oversee that all of these needs are met professionally and efficiently.

Construction Company NYC - SC

If you are a land or property owner who is looking to develop new sites on your real estate. We can assist new construction in NYC through the entire process, from the early stages of planning all the way through to finishing of construction.

Construction Company NYC - SM

Pyramid Group NYC has the expertise and resources to oversee the complexities of construction projects. This will not only ensure that everything will be carried out according to plan, but it will also take all of the burden off of your shoulders.

Built to Last

In this ever expanding world that we live in, the need to construct more homes and businesses is necessary. Pyramid Group is dedicated to all aspects of construction in NYC. We specialize in making any building more eco-friendly. We offer expert knowledge and years of experience for a project of any size, large or small, and are certified distributors of eco-friendly green materials. We can perform any task from electrical systems to roofing.

We have been providing our services for professional construction since 1996. We offer high quality construction work for both homeowners and commercial clients. Some of our services include:

Other Services

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